Giving Back

Helping Those Who Help Us

How do we make a change in the world when we’re oceans apart? How do we allow technological advances to bring people together instead of letting it consume us?

We Are Third Uprising

The entrepreneur, the innovator, and the creative spirit. We give you high quality basics at their true price because our goal is to be real with you. We desire to give back by using e-commerce as the pavement to build a road to reach children whose lives we can directly impact. We are the bridge between hope and reality by investing in those who have invested in us.

Third Uprising promises that a portion of our sales will go back to support the education for the children of our talented seamstresses in our sourced countries. While you build your dreams wearing our threads, you build the dreams of the next generation of children. You give them the opportunity to move mountains and cross the oceans.

We’re born in LA, but our heart is the world.

Change you can feel